Installation of NZBget and Sonarr on Ubuntu

Damn it has been a long time since I wrote anything here. No one cares, moving on. Prepping to buy/build a NAS and Plex server so wanted to get an idea how to get Plex, NZBget and Sonarr running on a Ubuntu server. This is mostly for my own future reference so I can remember how to do this once I actually get to the point that I can implement things.

Install Plex

Install NZBGet

Add Mono Repository

Add Sonarr Repository

Install Mono and Sonarr

Create NZBget service file

Create Sonarr service file

Enable NZBget and Sonarr services

Start Sonarr service

The NZBget service is bound to the Sonarr service, so starting Sonarr automatically starts NZBget.

Once all this is running I’ll set up an NFS share on a Synology NAS and mount the shares to this server for access and sharing via Plex.

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