Amp Review

Man I love new audio gear. Last week I ordered a HeadRoom Micro Amp. It came in Wednesday and I’ve been listening to it with my Sennheiser HD580s as much as possible since. Let me get it out straight away: this is a massive upgrade. Previously I had been using a PA2V2 which has served me well for ~4.5 years. Since I already had an amp that seemed to do just fine I was pretty reluctant to get another one, especially a $350 one. The Micro Amp has been on my “maybe” purchase list for years. Well I finally went through with it and I’m totally surprised. I expected a minor difference at best. What I got was a dramatic change, particularly in the bass ranges. It’s like I have a different pair of headphones on my head, that’s how big of a difference it made. Everything is now a lot more fully fleshed out. Bass is tight and FAR more potent than it was before. Mids are clear. Highs are bright and clean. Overall I’m really impressed. The only problem is that the new amp revealed some noise issues in my source chain so now I’m thinking about either a new sound card or dedicated external DAC. :I

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