Holy balls

It is disgusting here. Not really all that hot, just ridiculously humid. I am using my AC today, after not using it yesterday even though it was stupid humid yesterday too. It just wasn’t terribly hot. Today it’s hotter, so fuck it, AC is on. :c00l:

I went to visit Lia a couple weeks ago, that was pretty awesome. We had a good time hanging out and chilling! She’s really nice and even prettier in person! :shobon: Theo, her son, is one adorable lil kid. He was awesome too!

Still working at Cablevision and totally fucking miserable. I need to find a new job like you would not believe. Someone, anyone, get me the hell out of here! I’ve done 4 phone interviews with a company called Bit Systems, but haven’t heard back from them in about 2 weeks. They’re really slow moving though, so who knows what’ll happen still. They’re located in VA so if I do end up working there, I have to move, which will certainly be interesting.

My bedroom is finally completed. All the pieces are finally in place, and it looks and sounds absolutely fucking god damn fantastic.

My TV and speakers

My TV and speakers

What you see there is:

  • Samsung LN46A650
  • Onkyo TX-SR606
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • PS2
  • Comcast HD-DVR
  • Hsu Research VTF-1 subwoofer
  • 2 Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE fronts
  • Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 SE center channel

What you can’t see are the 2 Ascend Acoustics HTM-200 SE rears. That’s ok though.

Playing games on it is beyond fantastic, movies sound incredible too. God I love Blu-Ray! :D Even though it is mostly for home theater/gaming, it really sounds fantastic with music too. Everything just sounds so damned good coming out of these speakers. Fucking fantastic for the pretty reasonable price of $888 for the 5 of them plus another $488 for the subwoofer.

Man I have a ton of games to play. It’s getting out of hand. I can’t buy any more games. I’m not allowed, even if they’re really cheap! I’m looking at you Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant!!!!!!!! I’ve gotta catch up at least on the current gen consoles being as there’s new games coming for them. My PS2 games aren’t going anywhere, and there’s nothing that’s not shovelware coming out for it, so I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t really focus on them for now. Still though, gonna have to play some PS1 and PS2 games to catch up on my PS3 games. I have MGS4 and haven’t beaten any of the first 3.

Shit. :I

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