Google Chrome Impressions

So here I am writing a blog post on Google’s new browser, Google Chrome. For those that don’t know, it’s a WebKit based browser, with a few rather interesting features. Most interesting is the process model they adopted. Each tab gets its own process. So if a tab crashes, the whole browser doesn’t go down.

A crashed tab in Google Chrome

A crashed tab in Google Chrome

Same goes for plug-ins, they also get a separate process so if Flash crashes, it doesn’t take the tab down with it.

A crashed plugin in Google Chrome

A crashed plugin in Google Chrome

Don’t worry, no innocent browsers were harmed in the creation of this post. :angel: I simply used the built in task manager to kill the necessary processes. :psyduck: In any case, that shit’s pretty cool. I’ve had Flash and other plugins bring down my browser before, and that’s some gay crap.

It definitely lives up to it’s claims of being very fast. It’s the fastest browser I’ve got here on my Windows machine. Here are the results of a few different browsers running the sunspider javascript test:

Chrome3451.6ms +/- 3.5%
Firefox 3.1b1pre4751.4ms +/- 0.9%
Firefox 3.0.15325.4ms +/- 1.1%
Safari 3.1.2 (Win)6179.8ms +/- 0.8%
Opera 9.527685.2ms +/- 1.3%
Firefox +/- 1.3%
IE747849.2ms +/- 1.0%


And just for comparison, the fastest browser I’ve ever seen, the WebKit nightly builds: 2263.8ms +/- 0.3% Damn that’s fast. Not exactly a fair comparison due to different OS/hardware, but still, shiiiiiiiiiit.

I’ve actually made Chrome my default browser specifically because of how fast it is to open up. It’s damned near instantaneous. It’s ridiculous. Now, don’t get me wrong, it won’t be my day-to-day browser really. But mostly if I am clicking a link, and it’s opening up a browser from nothing, I can’t think of anything that will load faster than Chrome, and that is perfect for what I want.

Now, that’s not to say that Chrome is perfect. Far from it. To be honest, I kind of hate the UI. It’s far to un-Windowsy, especially in XP. It meshes better in Vista, but in XP it’s really quite ugly. At least give me the option of black, for crying out loud!! This baby blue is a little to gay for me!!! :gay: I’m down with the tabs on top thing though, that’s ok by me.

Also, no AdBlock. The web without AdBlock is gay as shit. That and no SALR are enough to make it impossible for me to use as my primary browser. Seriously, I need the SA menu so I can get around the forums quickly. Pretty much, it needs an extension API, and then we can see where we go from there. I don’t think it’ll be replacing Firefox as my primary browser for quite some time, if ever. Though it is great for the one off link you need to click that someone sent you and you don’t want to fire up the heavyweight Firefox.

So, for an initial release, I’d say it’s a pretty solid browser. If they can work on some of the stuff I mentioned it might be possible to convince me to use it more seriously, but it really will take a lot to pry me away from Firefox… :shobon:

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