The trials and tribulations of Python

In order to finish up school I am going to be doing an independent study. For that independent study I plan to write a forum in Python, using either TurboGears or Django. Right now I’m leaning more towards Django, though initially I liked TurboGears. Django’s templating system seems pretty nice and that’s why I’m looking to it at the moment. So I’ve decided to write about my experiences with Python/Django here on my blog.

So, so far I haven’t really done very much at all. Mostly some very basic pissing about with the command line interpreter, but I do like python so far. This week I’ll be really starting in earnest on working on this thing, and hopefully start banging out something useful. Really want to start working on the UI for it, maybe I can make something nice looking. Ahahahah good one, me make something good looking :xd: But hey, I’m gonna try regardless. How hard could the UI for a forum be to design right?? ;)

Yesterday I was messing about with Django a bit, and it seems incedibly powerful, but quite simple to use at the same time. I guess this is what people meant when they talk about web frameworks making things immensely easier, because damn. After this I think I might try out Ruby on Rails, because Ruby looks like a pretty neat language as well, but that’s an entirely different subject…

That’s all for now…

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