Jeet christ

Last night I made some major changes to my blog here. Started completely fresh, from the ground up. Not the posts, obviously, but everything else pretty much was ground up new. New DB, fresh upload of wordpress, new theme, new plugins, the whole 9 yards. I think it’s turned out well. I like the new look, and in general it feels a lot nicer. I had cocked some stuff up in fucking around with the DB manually, I definitely won’t be doing that again any time soon. :q:

Didn’t really do much as far as school/my independent study/python/django goes. Slept like shit last night after staying up a little to late playing with this thing, and worked at CableVision all day so I didn’t really feel like thinking too much this evening.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned anything about my job on this thing yet. I started working at CableVision in the Optimum Online tech support group on July 13th. It’s the second shittiest job I’ve ever had, beaten only by Walmart. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a more interesting job after finishing up my independent study. A nice development job would be pretty sweet. :shobon:

Hmm…I bought a new office chair for my room after the old one broke. Thing just gave way behind me one night. Thought I was gonna die. It sucked! :gonk: Oh well, the new one is really, really nice:

My New Chair

My New Chair

I’m happy as hell with it, really comfy. :)

Ooooooooo I also finally replaced the stereo in my car a couple weeks back too. I can listen to things other than retail CDs again! It’s amazing!! God I forgot how nice it is to be able to switch to something at will. Especially with the new stereo, it’s awesome because I can hook up my iPod right to it. So I have 45 GB of music at my fingertips whenever I want it. How great is that. I also replaced the rear speakers, because one of them was blown out. Can’t have mismatched speakers, eh? So yeah, swapped those fuckers out, with some nice new Pioneer 6×9″ speakers. Sounds great. Very pleased.

Ok, it’s getting late, I suppose I ought to head off to bed. Work in the morning.

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