MacWorld San Francisco, other shit

God DAMNIT. Not one mention of Leopard. Jobs is fucking us again. :argh: Seriously, that was basically all I wanted out of MacWorld. The iPhone is nice and all, but I barely use my cell phone as it is. Can’t exactly justify spending $600 on a phone when I barely use a $20 one. I’ll admit it would be awfully nice to be able to check my email or browse the web for something just about anywhere, but I don’t think I’d use it all that much. The AppleTV though, man that thing is worthless as far as I am concerned. Woop de fucking doo, I can play iTunes TV shows and movies on a TV. Without support for my gay ass FOSS codecs and containers, it’s useless. I’ll wait for the inevitable media center for PS3. :colbert:

Bought a 360 2 weeks ago. :c00l: I haven’t really played it a whole lot because it’s a huge pain in the ass to play on my monitor. HUGE pain in the ass. And it looks like ass on my piece of shit free TV. Once I get my tax return I’ll be picking up a nice Samsung 32″ HDTV. After that I want to buy a receiver so I can get 5.1 sound from it. I also haven’t really played it much because I’m still deciding whether or not I should return it. I’ve pretty much decided not to now though. It would seem MS has quashed the rumor of an HDMI enabled 360, at least for the time being. So I’m just gonna enjoy it. I gotta beat FFXII before I play Gears Of War though. The fucking reversed X-axis controls in XII totally fucked me up in GoW. And most other games where you control looking with the sticks. Also Toni told me I have to beat FFXII before I can play my 360. She’s a real hardass. :smith:

So as it turns out I didn’t get to work at Sikorsky for the break, so I am slowly going broke. I sent an email to a dude from school who said there were jobs available working at the school, so hopefully I’ll be working there soon and all semester. I dunno if I will be there for the summer though. It certainly seems like it would be a good idea, since according to Andrew they are very flexible with hours and taking time off, so that would be really good. It’d be like the total opposite of working at Sikorsky. Regardless, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Actually started picking up some Obj-C this week a little bit. Not a whole lot, but I did do some. First time in probably 4 months. I still remember it so it went pretty fast. I mostly just skimmed over what I was reading, since it was just review. This shorter book seems to be pretty good, and throws a GUI in there pretty damned fast. I’m really looking forward to learning Cocoa, and this is just what I need to hold my interest.

Ok I’ve had enough of writing this shit. :woop:

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