Leopard Saga, Pt. 3; Other shit

So as it turns out I can’t use that Leopard image I DLed a few weeks ago. My MacBook doesn’t have a dual layer DVD drive, so I have no way to burn it properly so it can boot. Basically I’m fucked in that regard. Guess I will just have to wait until I can buy the real thing in the spring. Oh well.

So tomorrow is my last day of work. Kinda sad, but kinda glad. I’ll miss the money and all that, but I won’t miss getting up at 6:15. And I sure as hell won’t miss the traffic I’ve been hitting the last few days. Ever since schools have been back in session the traffic has been miserable. Far worse than it was even before school let out. The backup starts around exit 22 now. I get on at exit 23. :smith: So after the third day of this shit in a row, I’m going to go a different way, down Chestnut to 67, then up to 188 and over 34 to 110. Probably a bit longer mileage wise, but it’s definitely a lot faster than dealing with all the damned traffic on Rt. 8.

In other news, my coworkers took me out for lunch today, as a going away kind of celebration. We went to a seafood place in Stratford. It was pretty nice of them. :shobon:

I also bought a few more programming books, one called Step Into xcode and the other is Beginning Visual C++ 2005. Everything I’ve ever done in school has been CLI apps, so I figure it’s about time to actually learn how to properly use Visual Studio. And since I got a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard (thx MS :c00l:) I figure it’s time to move up from my warezed copy of 6.0. I mean I really don’t know shit about using the IDE properly to develop for Windows. And I got the xcode book to do the same thing in OS X development. Learning the IDE is important, because it will allow me to create programs more effectively and efficiently, something most of my professors haven’t really been interested in as far as I can tell. All they stress is how to write algorithms that people have written already. Why should I reinvent the wheel when there are things included with your programming language? Datastructures and Algorithms, I’m looking at you. I mean I understand the need for knowing the ideas behind them and all that, that’s important. But for crying out loud, teach me about the STL. I guarantee you that people in my classes have no idea that other people have already written most of these things and we can just use them without any problem. Programming is so much easier when you don’t have to write everything from scratch. Libraries like this are meant to help you create better programs. Try them out and if nothing works for what you want to do then write your own.

In addition, today MS released their XNA Express Beta. Basically it’s a free development program that fits in with the rest of their Visual Studio Express line, but targeted at game development. For the time being, it’s limited to Windows stuff, since it’s a beta. However they plan to enable you to write programs for the Xbox 360. It’ll cost you $99 a year to do it apparently, but I think that’s pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, in the beginning at least, only people who have paid the $99 fee for the development stuff will be able to access your games. However I think they have plans to eventually allow homebrew stuff on Xbox Live Arcade. I’m hoping they’ll also have some kind of free software thing, that people will be able to put stuff up on. It would certainly make the idea of dabling in console game development, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, a lot more feasible and attractive. Plus it might mean a free X360 XBMC equivalent, and good lord I’d kill for that. Sony is also supposedly releasing some kind of dev kit with the PS3, so if MS drops the ball, maybe we’ll see a PS3MC. I don’t really care which console it ends up on, I just really want a good replacement for that wonderful wonderful program. ;-*

Well that’s enough for tonight. This weekend I plan to really hunker down and do some serious ObjC work, since I won’t be working or having school for 5 days. :)

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