Been slacking…

Yeah, lately I haven’t been doing much coding. :( Not all my fault though. Most of the time by the time I get home from work I don’t really feel like coding. And then for the last few weekends we’ve been painting the house, so by the time I get done with that at like 6 PM or so, I don’t want to code at all. We’re almost done though, so hopefully soon I’ll start back up and really get down into it. I’m on Chapter 11 of my Objective-C book, so I am still making progress, but it’s not anywhere near as fast as it was in the beginning. Part of that is also that these chapters aren’t as painfully easy as the beginning ones. It’s starting to get into things I wasn’t very strong with in C++ and I’m actually learning things now, rather than just spewing up things I already know. This is a good thing though.

As for work, it’s been rather boring. I’ve been doing a lot of waiting on the Database guys so I can work on this dumb website. There’s a really pretty contractor working in our area though. :unsmith: Too bad I think she’s moving to Texas with her boyfriend. :smith:

I’ve also gone to the gym a few times, trying to get into a routine so I actually go. I’m sick of being out of shape, so hopefully I’ll actually stick with it and start looking/feeling better. Right now I’ve been walking for 15 minutes then lifting, mostly focusing on my arms/chest, because they are girly and pathetic.

Oh well, that’s enough for tonight.

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